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Watch this gorgeous, intense new Final Fantasy XV short film

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If a feature-length CG movie and five episodes of anime weren't enough to get you excited for the impending launch of Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix has even more for you: a beautiful new short film called "Omen."

The movie was created by Digic Pictures, the same team behind the beautiful but flawed movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. It plays out like one long, stunningly rendered cutscene, stitching together seemingly unrelated events — a car crash, a fiery sword fight, soldiers riding a subway, a handsome wolf with a very serious stare — and connects them into a surprisingly intense five-minute clip. It doesn't provide a great deal of insight into the story or how the game will actually play, but presumably the movie is looking to capture the feeling the game is going for. It's also a good chance to see Prince Noctis in various states of undress.

After nearly a decade in development, Final Fantasy XV will finally be launching on November 29th.