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T-Mobile is offering 50 percent back on Google Pixel purchases

T-Mobile is offering 50 percent back on Google Pixel purchases


If you sign up for its 'unlimited' data plan

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T-Mobile is trying to pry consumers away from Verizon with a new Google Pixel deal that refunds $325 off the purchase of the phone. That’s 50 percent back for the base model of the Pixel, and it’s slightly less than 50 percent back for a model with more storage or for the pricier Pixel XL with a larger screen. The deal is designed to hit back at smartphone exclusivity, specifically the deal Verizon and Google made to offer the Pixel exclusively through Verizon’s network.

Of course, you can buy the Pixel unlocked direct from Google. That’s what T-Mobile is suggesting you do, and it wants to urge people to do that by throwing in some cash. There is one critical stipulation. You’ll need to sign up for T-Mobile’s new One unlimited plan. The plan has been controversial because it throttles tethering speeds and downgrades video resolution to 480p. So in a sense, it’s not truly unlimited.

T-Mobile does let you purchase HD passes for $3 per day. Or you can subscribe to the T-Mobile One Plus plan for an extra $25 per line per month, which grants unlimited LTE tethering and unlimited HD passes. Either way, getting this Pixel promotion may involve a bit of compromise depending on what your current data plan looks like.