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Apple’s new Macbook Pro has a headphone jack

Apple’s new Macbook Pro has a headphone jack


One less dongle

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The new Macbook Pro swaps out the USB ports, HDMI port, and power port of previous models for four Thunderbolt 3 ports that can serve those purposes and others. But one classic port remains: the headphone jack.

Apple has been broadly criticized for removing the standard headphone jack from new iPhones. In its announcement of the Pixel, competitor Google jokingly emphasized the inclusion of the headphone jack on the Pixel as a key feature. And so, it’s surprising to see the headphone jack is the single classic port to appear on the new Macbook Pro.

The headphone jack wasn’t mentioned, simply show in the image above, a quiet recognition that Apple isn’t ready to scrap the headphone jack entirely — at least not yet.

So that’s one less dongle you’ll have to carry with you. Just one.

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