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Watch Faraday Future's first production car race silently through the desert

Watch Faraday Future's first production car race silently through the desert


Blink and you'll miss it

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Faraday Future, the California-based electric car company that wants to compete with Tesla, just released a short, 15-second clip of its first production car in action. And unlike the bonkers, 1,000-horsepower concept racecar it showed off at CES earlier this year, this one looks, well, like a fairly normal-looking crossover.

To be fair, that's probably the message Faraday Future is trying to send. It's polarizing FFZERO1 concept was criticized for being the type of car that will never get made. A year later, the company needs to assure its competitors and investors that it can be a real player in the EV market, especially if it hopes to take on Tesla's Model X.

In the video, it's hard to get a good look at the car because it's camouflaged in the kind of wrapping that companies use during testing. This is to prevent spy photographers from stealing shots of their car before its ready to be revealed to the public — like this one by an eagle-eyed Twitter user a few months ago.

A spokesperson for Faraday Future said the video not only is the first look at its prototype in action, but also "showcases our car's ongoing high-performance testing." He promised "more videos in the coming weeks that will start to reveal more of our vehicle's journey to CES."

That means two more months of teasing glimpses. Faraday's plans for CES 2017 was confirmed at an event hosted by Chinese technology company LeEco, the CEO of which is the main investor in Faraday. Interestingly, LeEco has its own fairly outlandish looking concept electric car. Apparently there's no limit to the concepts these companies are willing to bankroll.