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Gumby and dog are the best pals

Just another day as a dog and wait what Gumby

Dogs are good. Did you know that dogs are good? That they are, in fact, a perfect way to cheer up everyone in your life?

Let me introduce you to a very special dog named Jolene. Jolene really loves Gumby, as seen by her lovingly gnawing on a pint-sized version at the start of the video. When a human in a Gumby suit approaches Jolene, she’s at first taken aback. Is this real? Could it be?

It is. And nothing has ever made us or Jolene happier.

We need something to smile about now that Vine is dead. This sweet pupper will do. As you enter this lovely pre-Halloween weekend, may you bring as much joy into the lives of others as this person brought into the life of a dog.

How to make your dog's day....bring her favorite toy to life. For any licensing requests please contact Follow Jolene The Golden and for more Jolene!

Posted by Emily Crisp on Thursday, October 27, 2016