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Apple will automatically download macOS Sierra on Macs starting today

Apple will automatically download macOS Sierra on Macs starting today


Only if you've got enough space and have automatic downloads turned on

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Apple will soon trigger an automatic download of its latest desktop operating system update, macOS Sierra, on Macs that are compatible with the new software. According to The Loop, users with automatic downloads switched on — and enough storage space on their Mac — will get the Sierra update sometime "over the next week." Downloads begin today, with Apple "randomly" choosing when you get it.

Since this is a full-fledged new OS release, the update won't actually install itself automatically; you've still got to start it on your own. If you're not ready to upgrade to Sierra or want to download the latest macOS at a time of your own choosing, you can simply delete the installer or disable automatic downloads from the App Store to avoid it. Even after the fact, Apple will take some precautions to avoid inconveniencing users with such a large surprise download; the Sierra installer will be deleted if the host Mac starts running low on storage.

The move, which mimics Microsoft's aggressive rollout of Windows 10, is meant to make upgrading a more seamless and convenient process. It should also boost the percentage of customers that are keeping up with Apple's latest release. MacOS Sierra offers new features like Siri on the desktop, Optimized Storage, Universal Clipboard, and the ability to unlock your Mac when wearing an Apple Watch in close proximity.

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