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You should definitely read this magical Twitter story about typewriters and travel

You should definitely read this magical Twitter story about typewriters and travel

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More often than we like to admit, I think, vacations are frustrating affairs: full of missed opportunities, nagging worries, and sunburns. Occasionally, though, the gods of travel smile upon us, and some serendipitous and magical events take place that reaffirm the need to leave your home and country and go a'roaming. Just such an event happened to Marcin Wichary (lead designer and typographer at Medium), who, while looking for the Dali Museum on holiday in Spain, stumbled across a magical, little-known shrine to the typewriter.

What happened next is described in a series of tweets (a truncated version of which we've embedded below), but to understand the impact of Wichary's story you should understand that this is a man who loves typewriters. In fact, that's literally the first sentence of a blog post he wrote titled "What I learned about languages just by looking at a Turkish typewriter." He wasn't planning to visit the museum in question, and didn't even know what was inside when he got there, but nevertheless, Wichary found himself looking at what might be one of the greatest collections of typewriters around. A wonderful accident.

You can read what happened (along with many fantastic pictures of old typewriters) below:

So there you have it. If you're ever lost in a small Spanish town in the mountains and you see a sign post to a mysterious museum you've never heard, you must immediately visit. Presumably there never was an actual typewriter museum, but only some Harry Potter-esque Museum of Requirement that reconfigures itself to fit visitors' deepest desires.