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The best of Halloween from around the internet

The best of Halloween from around the internet

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Bummer news, y’all: it’s a Monday Halloween. Most of us are trapped in the grip of responsibility instead of out eating candy and wearing funny outfits.

Mercifully we have the internet, a magical place that allows us to live on an intangible place while our bosses aren’t looking. To celebrate the best holiday (don’t @ me), we’ve gathered some of our favorite Halloween-related gunk from around the web.

This Pokémon Go costume is the very best, like no one ever was

A lot of people have dressed up in homage of one of the year’s breakout apps, but this is the best we’ve seen yet.

It’s a Badabook look

Select All has an interview with Katie Dippold, the woman behind the Badabook costume that made the rounds on Twitter back in June.

The story is a great read because, first of all, it includes this part about Dippold being delightfully weird:

And so when I first got dressed up in it, I went outside and stared inside the window at my boyfriend watching TV until he noticed. And then he reacted; he had a strong reaction to that. 

And second of all, showing up to a party where you’ve missed an important detail is all too relatable. New Halloween rule: if you throw a party the weekend of, assume you need to tell people if they shouldn’t come as a Badabook. Or, in one totally hypothetical writer’s case, a full Thor cape.

Silver Surfer is cool for the first time ever

New Yorkers tend to be a dour people, as we subsist largely on coffee and cynicism. That’s why I love this video of a guy dressed as the Silver Surfer and cruising around New York City so gosh darn much. Look at that police officer capturing a video (...while driving, which is actually bad)! Count how many high-fives he gets! I get yelled at on the subway just for existing sometimes.

Google gives us the cat wizard of our Halloween dreams

As we pointed out this weekend, Google hopped onboard the holiday train in a big way with this clever and cute game about a wizard cat. If you thought Harry Potter would have been better with cats, you’re right! This game proves we’ve all been right the whole time.

Costumes done Snapchat style

I only use Snapchat’s filters on my face when I’m hungover or don’t feel like putting on makeup, which is how I know they’re great for transformations. Great news for virtual costume users!

Here’s transportation reporter Andy Hawkins demonstrating how to be dad of the year with his impossibly adorable daughter:

How to be good at pumpkin carving: be NASA

People get really creative with their pumpkin carving, but this annual competition at NASA’s jet propulsion lab is something else. Just look at the photos from our roundup.

Candy corn is bad, still

Candy corn continues to be the most hated candy of Halloween. Here, io9 examines what would happen if you went full tilt and decided to only eat candy corn. I’ll go ahead and tell you that it’s bad for your body.

Skeletons love cookies

Before I nominate this for Best Halloween Brand Tweet of 2016, a few questions:

1. Do skeletons actually love cookies? Has anyone actually asked a skeleton about this, or are we falling back on some ugly stereotypes?

2. Pizza Hut, shouldn’t you be advertising the skeleton’s love of pizza?

3. I’m no doctor, but I’d wager that skeletons can’t eat cookies because of their lack of skin, organs, and functioning body systems, not necessarily in that order. What does a skeleton do with a cookie? Does it quietly observe the tasty treat and think on the life it once lived? Are cookies a powerful yet bitter reminder that time is fleeting and we are slowly fading away each day? Is this skeleton going to be okay? Actually, am I going to be okay, because I’m pretty bummed out right now tbh?

Google predicts which costumes you’ll see

Our old pal Google Trends has some ~spooky predictions~ on which Halloween costumes are likely to be the year’s most popular. Currently at the top of its list is Harley Quinn, whose Suicide Squad appearance is likely to blame. This is a good way to try and avoid showing up at a party dressed with the same costume as someone else (embarrassing!), but we’d also like to recommend a game of Halloween bingo.

Too topical Gumby costume

Basing your Halloween costume off of a video or picture from the internet, no matter how good it may be, is always a risky move. Have you considered being a horrible monster from a hit 2016 Netflix show instead?

It’s okay. We get it, buddy. We do.