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Google's Daydream VR system will feature YouTube, Netflix, and HBO

You can explore the world by walking through Street View Maps

Google announced today that it hopes to have 50 apps available for its Daydream VR system by the end of this year. As it waits for those games and services to trickle in, the platform will be relying on video content and virtual tourism to keep users occupied.

Ordinary videos from YouTube, Netflix, and HBO will be displayed on a virtual screen, a sort of personal movie theater that may amplify the experience of watching Luke Cage, and will probably feel pretty silly when you're browsing silly cat vids.

As with Cardboard, Daydream users can browse Google Maps' Street View to "see curated tours of over 150 of the world's most amazing places like the Pyramids and the Taj Mahal." If you prefer just cyber stalking your local football stadium, the Street View mode also works away from major attractions. There's even VR "sheep view" for tiny islands where cars can't go. You can watch stuff you bought from Google Play in the personal cinema mode, and Daydream is promising that Google Photos will show off any 360-degree images you captured in a whole new way.