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Google’s hardware chief has a Pixel in his pocket

Google’s hardware chief has a Pixel in his pocket

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Google’s really leaning in to this can’t-keep-a-secret thing in regards to its highly anticipated new Pixel phones. We just spotted Google’s newly minted hardware chief Rick Osterloh, the former president of Motorola, mugging for photos outside today’s event venue with... what’s that? Yeah, it’s a Pixel in his pocket.

He has the phone upside down in his pocket — there’s no antenna line on the top of the phone, in the leaks we’ve seen — and that little grey blob near the pocket edge is the solitary "G" Google logo.

It seems a little unorthodox to flash your company’s unannounced hardware, but given all the leaks over this past week, maybe that’s just the #madebygoogle way. The event starts in an hour.

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