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Microsoft's Surface desktop keyboard leaks, might ship with new all-in-one PC

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Microsoft appears to be readying a number of new Surface-branded PC accessories. Windows Central reports that Microsoft will launch a new Surface-branded version of its Designer Bluetooth Desktop kit, alongside an ergonomic Surface keyboard and a Surface mouse. All three accessories are designed to be used with desktop PCs, and will reportedly be launched this month. Windows Central has provided a promo image of the redesigned Bluetooth Desktop kit, with an improved keyboard layout and a gray color scheme to match existing Surface devices. Verge reader RyanSimmons has also discovered the keyboard in the FCC database.

The timing of these keyboard leaks comes just as Microsoft is expected to announce a hardware event for late October, and days after a desktop Surface keyboard was rumored. Recent rumors have also suggested that Microsoft is preparing to launch a Surface-branded all-in-one (AIO) PC later this month. Microsoft is currently targeting a late October launch event in New York City, where the firm is expected to unveil at least one AIO PC. Surface-branded desktop keyboards and mice would obviously match any desktop PC that Microsoft may unveil.

Update October 5th 14th, 4:30AM ET: article updated to include FCC link.

Microsoft Surface keyboard desktop rumor (Windows Central)