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Republicans declare themselves winners of VP debate before it begins

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The vice presidential debate is happening in about an hour, but Republicans have already decided who won. The Republican National Committee accidentally published a story to its website this evening stating that there was a "clear consensus" their candidate had won the debate, which has not yet started. It even had a (short) list of Mike Pence's top moments. The story has since been removed.

In a series of additional posts, the GOP was also prepared to call Clinton, who is not personally participating in the debate, the night's loser and to highlight Pence's best moments, which have not yet occurred.

It's been repeatedly noted that Trump's campaign isn't as well put together as the presidential campaigns for recent nominees. And it's certainly no secret that his campaign team has struggled with and / or given up on limiting his ability to send disparaging tweets in the middle of the night. This mishap didn't come from the campaign directly — it's from the RNC — but it's still a small social media embarrassment ahead of a big event that the Republicans are hoping can turn their fortunes around after a rough week.