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Watch Jordan Peele swap comedy for horror in first trailer for Get Out

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On his own sketch show — Key and Peele — Jordan Peele has already played a vampire, a dying demon child, and a man trapped in a breakfast-centric vision of hell, but now the comedian is embracing the darkness completely. Peele has written and directed Get Out, a scary psychological horror movie that follows a young black man as he meets his white girlfriend's family. They seem to accept him into their idyllic upper-middle class lifestyle, but as the first trailer shows, things might not be as nice as they seem.

That's not all the trailer shows: the two-minute clip manages to cram enough plot points in that it makes watching the final movie seem slightly pointless, explaining the family's unsavory hobbies, as well as showing the fate of other black people in the community. If you're aiming to watch Get Out when it hits screens in February, maybe only watch the first minute of this trailer — that's more than enough to make Peele's proper horror debut seem properly interesting.