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Apple discontinues the older, cheaper Apple TV

Apple discontinues the older, cheaper Apple TV

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Apple has stopped selling the third-generation Apple TV, as noted by MacRumors. The device is no longer available on Apple's online store, and links to pages about it have been re-routed to information on the newer, more capable Apple TV that saw release last year.

The third-generation Apple TV came out back in early 2012, adding 1080p support and a faster processor over the otherwise similar second-generation model from 2010. Apple kept it on sale following the introduction of the fourth generation, cutting the price to $69.

The product's discontinuation means that Apple no longer offers an inexpensive way to get iTunes content, streaming services, or AirPlay on your TV screen, despite the rise of cheaper devices like Google's Chromecast. The current Apple TV, which has an app store and a Siri-powered remote, costs $149 for a 32GB model or $199 for 64GB.