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Heartbreaking game That Dragon, Cancer is now on iPhone

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That Dragon, Cancer

One of this year’s most profound and challenging video games is now something you can play on your phone. That Dragon, Cancer, which launched on PC and Mac in early January, is available on iOS starting today.

Developed by Ryan and Amy Green, along with a small team at Numinous Games, That Dragon, Cancer is a semi-autobiographical story about dealing with their son Joel’s battle with cancer; a battle he sadly lost midway through development. It plays out as a series of interactive vignettes, as you explore Joel’s life both before and during this heartbreaking period. It’s a tragic, intimate experience full of both beautiful moments, and devastating heartbreak. If you haven’t played already, you can get the iOS version right here.

In addition to the new mobile version of the game, a documentary about its development — called Thank You for Playing — will be airing on PBS on October 24th. You can check out a trailer for it below.