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Mark Zuckerberg is playing VR games with world leaders

Mark Zuckerberg is playing VR games with world leaders

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Mark Zuckerberg says that world leaders often stop by Facebook's headquarters to see what kind of interesting stuff it's been up to. "And that means I usually get to be the person to show them virtual reality" for the first time, he said while on stage at Oculus VR's developer conference.

Introducing world leaders to virtual reality may be an unexpected part of Zuckerberg's job, but he seems to have fun with it. Zuckerberg says he shows people different creative tools and "depending on what kind of a leader it is and what their culture is, maybe we'll play a first-person shooter," Zuckerberg said. "By the time they take it off, they don't want to leave."

"I demand to see the dinosaur."

In one instance, Zuckerberg said, a prime minister was enjoying the experience so much that he ignored demands that he get up and go catch his plane. "He was sitting there saying, 'I was told there was a dinosaur, I demand to see the dinosaur."

The anecdote may have been a bit of a humblebrag, but it spoke to the experience that everyone — from the average person to world leaders — shares when they first try virtual reality: a sense of complete wonder. It's apparently been working. Zuckerberg noted that 1 million people are already using its VR platforms every month.