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Are you willing to pay $200 for Oculus Touch controllers?

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There’s an Oculus Connect event coming up today, and the likeliest subject of the presentation will be the pricing and availability of the long-delayed Oculus Touch controllers. Somewhat helpfully, somewhat unreliably, Amazon UK has listed both a price and a release date for the motion-control Oculus Rift accessories, and it’s a pretty hefty outlay at £189.99. The same price was witnessed at a GAME store display back in September, so there would seem to be some validity to it. With the way the British pound is freefalling at the moment, that’s likely to translate to a US price somewhere around $200. Doing some impromptu math also points to that price point: the Oculus Rift is $599 in the US and £549 in the UK, so using the UK relationship between Rift and Touch pricing produces a figure of $207.

In any case, it looks like the Oculus Touch will be expensive, wherever you are.

Amazon’s seemingly premature posting indicates a November 23rd release date for the Oculus Touch, just two days before this year’s Black Friday sales bonanza. It’s certainly a hot time to grab the Touch controllers ahead of the Christmas gifting season, but the question remains: what would be a reasonable price for these VR functionality and immersion enhancers? The $200 number is mighty just for a pair of motion controllers to augment your VR headset, but it doesn’t make the Oculus Rift any more expensive than the $799 HTC Vive. If Oculus were to provide room-scale tracking like the Vive, the conversation about the best VR headset could become quite intriguing. Of course, the new PSVR from Sony undercuts both of those dramatically, at $499 for a bundle that includes two Move controllers, so there’s still plenty of price differentiation in this developing field of technology.

We’ll know exactly what Oculus is up to later today, courtesy of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg making the announcement.