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Prisma photo app will now turn your 15-second videos into works of art

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And GIFs are on the way

Prisma, the popular photo app that turns your plain photos into works of art using sophisticated image processing, has just rolled out support for 15-second video clips on iOS devices.

That means the app will now take those short video clips and turn them into comic book-like animations in under a minute. All of the processing happens right on your smartphone, as well, so users can create Prisma videos without a cellular connection too. There are nine different "styles" of videos available with this new feature.

All of the video processing happens on the phone

Prisma launched in June of this year, first on iOS and then on Android a month later. Within its first month of availability the app, which is free, was downloaded more than 10 million times. Part of the app's appeal is the fact that it uses sophisticated neural network processing, or deep learning algorithms, to process the photos. Prisma has described this process as entirely different from photo filters because the app is actually creating a new image from scratch, based on the data it is fed.

But a larger part of the appeal is just how cool Prisma makes even the most mundane images (and now, videos) look, so much so that my Verge colleague Vlad Savov (and unabashed Prisma user) called it a contender for best app of the year.

The makers of Prisma, which is based in Moscow, say that video support for Prisma on Android will roll out in a couple weeks. The app will also support GIFs in the near future, though the company hasn't given a specific timeline for that feature.