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Court reinstates Apple’s $120 million patent win against Samsung

Court reinstates Apple’s $120 million patent win against Samsung

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Samsung once again owes Apple nearly $120 million for infringing on a pair of patents.

A federal appeals court ruled today that Samsung had infringed on Apple’s famous slide-to-unlock patent as well as its quick links patent, which covers software that automatically turns information like addresses and phone numbers into links.

In doing so, the court upheld the case’s initial verdict, reversing a decision from three judges who had overturned it earlier this year. In an 8–3 ruling, the full panel of judges determined that the three judges acted incorrectly by considering information that wasn’t introduced in trial and by ruling on issues that were never brought up on appeal.

Apple and Samsung’s other patent case goes to the Supreme Court next week

"We conclude that the jury verdict on each issue is supported by substantial evidence in the record," the court writes. Later stating, "We thus reinstate the district court’s award of costs which the panel had vacated."

The court also maintained a ruling against Apple, which found that it should pay Samsung $158,400 for infringing on a photo and video gallery patent, as was originally ruled back in 2014. It also sent one issue back to the initial court for reassessment, potentially increasing damages against Samsung.

This ruling furthers the smaller of Apple’s two big patent cases against Samsung. The bigger of the two — the one that initially resulted in a $1 billion verdict in Apple’s favor, which has since been cut in half — heads to the Supreme Court next week for arguments over part of the ruling that covers $399 million in damages.

Apple and Samsung did not respond to requests for comment.