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Six things we learned from the Stranger Things panel at New York Comic Con

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New York Comic Con is currently in full swing, and day two brought us the "Inside the Upside Down" panel with Stranger Things stars Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) and David Harbour (Chief Hopper). The two talked to Vulture moderator Matt Zoller Seitz about everything from '80s nostalgia to Harbour falling asleep on set despite his coffee addiction, but mostly stayed tight-lipped on any hints for season 2. All predictions aside, here's a round-up of the six things that stood out from the panel.

Barb is so, so dead

The first question from the audience got straight to the point in asking what hardcore Barb fans on the internet have been clamoring for — justice for Barb. While Harbour did promise that loose ends in her story would be dealt with in season 2, he set the record straight: "I can assure you that Barb is very much dead." So much for the "Barb as the demogorgon" theory.

The Nancy-Jonathan-Steve love triangle:

Millie Bobby Brown ships Nancy and Steve, or "Stancey," as she called them. She also ships Barb and Jonathan: "Imagine if Barb came back and Jonathan and Barb were dating!"

Millie Bobby Brown is a natural comedian

The whole panel was a display for Brown's natural charm and confidence, as she playfully poked fun at Harbour throughout the entire session.

When asked if she would ever like to act in comedies considering that all her previous roles in Intruders and Stranger Things have been serious characters, she replied, "I would love to. I'm quite funny." She then revealed that she auditioned for a role in Melissa McCarthy's The Boss, but didn't get it. "You would be The Boss," Harbour said.

Winona Ryder seems chill and fun

When asked who the first castmate they became friends with on-set was, both Harbour and Brown picked Winona Ryder as their Ryde or die. (Sorry.) Harbour revealed that he was a big "fanboy" of hers since the '80s, and Brown described Ryder as "a mouse that eats cheese and crackers." "I think she also felt a kinship to you because she was a young star too," Harbour added.

Even Eggo fans will eventually get tired of them

Brown said she started out liking Eggos, just not how many she had to eat. "The amount I eat is actually really hard to digest… It does taste really nice, but not like 15 times," she said. But she does like the blueberry flavor! "I like every single cigarette I smoke," Harbour joked.

David Harbour reads your Stranger Things live tweets

Harbour said he enjoys reading tweets from people watching the show, as they change their stance on how they feel about his character. He recalled seeing tweets like "Chief Hopper sucks" from the first episode, to "if something happens to Hopper I will sue Netflix" by the end of the season. Let's hope Chief Hopper stays out of harm's way in season 2.