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Watch the first trailer for The Man In the High Castle season 2

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When Amazon's The Man In the High Castle debuted last year, it quickly drew praise for painting a picture of a Nazi-led America that felt all too plausible. About to enter its second season, this first trailer reveals that the show seems ready to push its take on political resistance and alternate realities even further — especially since it can't rely on the source material anymore.

This first look is all about secrets and changing loyalties, all while the Nazis and Imperial Japanese in America prepare slowly but surely for war. Julianna Crane (Alexa Davalos), for instance, must seek asylum from the Pacific States of America, but that only puts her in Nazi clutches, forcing her to make even more hard decisions.

The next season promises to be as tense and explosive as the last, which means it could fare well at next year's Emmys. The Man In the High Castle returns on December 16th.