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Teenagers discover special abilities in the first teaser for Power Rangers

It's morphin time

Lionsgate has released the first teaser trailer its upcoming Power Rangers movie today at New York City Comic Con, showing off an origin story for a group of teenagers about to receive amazing powers.

The first half of the trailer shows off the group of misfits in the town of Angel Grove that will become the film’s heroes: there’s the artistic loner, the bullied outcast, the unpopular girl, and so forth. When the group comes across a meteorite containing the special crystals that will impart them with powers, they begin trying them out, jumping across chasms and fending off bullies at school. The film holds off on showing them with their iconic suits until pretty much the last possible moment.

The footage follows an established structure that makes it feel very much like a cross between the YA adventure films such as Hunger Games and Twilight, and superhero origin stories such as Spider-Man. These kids are not the cool kids! Then give them special abilities and have them try them out! Then force them to use their powers to save the day! Then wait for the sequel. (There will be many.)

Power Rangers is due out on March 24th, 2017.