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Meet the incredible cosplayers of New York Comic Con

Passion, glue, and a lot of EVA foam

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Meet the cosplayers of New York Comic Con

One reason to go to any sort of convention is to take in the craftsmanship of the costumers who flock to the event, portraying their favorite characters. Some work for months to assemble their meticulous costumes, while others throw together what they have. The passion and excitement that each one brings to the convention floor is infectious.

We spent hours walking the convention floor to stop and ask costumers what appealed to them the most about the characters they were portraying, and how they put them together. Here are some of the things we learned from them: to a person, were passionate about what they had dressed up as, and readily identified with the characters they were portraying.

These 26 individual costumers represent just a fraction of the costumed characters present over the course of the weekend, but embody the excitement, enthusiasm and energy that filled the Javits Center in midtown Manhattan.