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This is Henrik Fisker's latest attempt to take on Tesla

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A premium EV promising 400-mile range and support for fully autonomous driving

Fisker EMotion

Legendary car designer Henrik Fisker has unveiled the first renders of his new luxury, all-electric sedan: the EMotion. Fisker has been teasing the project for weeks, and as with his previous attempt to crack the premium EV market, is promising consumers the moon. The EMotion will come with hardware supporting "fully autonomous driving," (to be provided by an unspecified partner), top speeds of 161 mph, and, thanks to new, as-yet-unseen graphene-powered battery tech, will support a driving range of 400 miles — around 100 miles more than a top-of-the-range Tesla.

If this all sounds vaguely familiar, then it’s because Fisker made similarly ambitious promises for his previous all-electric car project: the Fisker Karma. Similar to Tesla’s approach, the Fisker Karma was positioned as a trailblazing luxury vehicle for the super-rich, which would be followed by a more affordable all-electric sedan in the years to come. Unfortunately for Fisker, the company only managed to sell a few hundred cars to consumers, and went bankrupt in 2013. (It was sold as Fisker Automotive to Chinese auto-parts conglomerate Wanxiang; Fisker’s new company is named Fisker Inc.) The Fisker EMotion looks like a second attempt at the same formula.

The Fisker EMotion.
Fisker Inc.

And the car itself itself certainly looks the business, with sleek aerodynamic lines, a low, aggressively-angled bonnet, and a large and curved front windscreen. Fisker is also promising it’ll have more interior space than its closest competitors, with plenty of legroom in the back, and access to infotainment screens for both front and rear passengers. However, all we’re seeing at the moment is a lot of good ideas, and we’ll have to wait before we can really judge the EMotion. Fisker Inc says the first working prototype will be shown to consumers some time in "mid 2017."