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Woorld is a new augmented reality game from the creator of Katamari

Woorld is a new augmented reality game from the creator of Katamari


Featuring gardens, UFOs, pyramids, and... toilets

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Keita Takahashi has a new game, and it’s just as weird as you’d expect. The designer best known for the seminal PS2 ball-roller Katamari just announced his latest project, an augmented reality game called Woorld that, according to studio Funomena, is being built "for Tango technology."

Just what exactly Woorld is isn’t entirely clear, but it looks cute and whimsical in a way that Takahashi’s games are known for. The debut trailer shows a living room transformed into a colorful garden — and then later pyramids, toilets, and UFOs are tossed into the mix.

The game starts by having you map the room you’re in — it’s demonstrated in the debut video using a Phab 2 Pro — and then you’re tasked with placing a sprout, and then figuring out how to water it in order to make it grow, in this case by placing a cloud in the ceiling. The whole while you’re accompanied by a cute, chatty little cube character.

As playful and strange as Woorld looks, though, it does appear to have some kind of structure. "When you achieve the goal which we can’t talk about yet," Takahashi says, "sandbox mode will be unlocked." He adds that the mode lets you do "anything you want."

Aside from the brief two-minute clip, however, there’s not much in the way of details. Funomena hasn’t announced any information on when Woorld will launch. But there may be more details coming later today, as Woorld will be part of the Unite 16 keynote for the Unity game engine this afternoon at 1PM ET.