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Introducing Command Line, the new Verge newsletter


The Verge just turned five today, and to help kick things off we’re introducing a reimagined daily newsletter called Command Line. Think of it as a terminal with direct access to the wetware of the highly-advanced sentient machines who run The Verge on a daily basis.

Command Line is inspired both by the classic look-and-feel of crazy '90s computer terminals, and also by a cool new feature on our homepage: a tagline in our beautiful new dynamic header that expresses our outlook each day. The new newsletter is an extension of that tagline — a brief, essential look at the timely stories we think are most important for understanding life in the near-future. It will be written each day by T.C. Sottek (that’s me!), and delivered directly to your inbox. Special thanks to Agnes Mazur, Andrew Johnson, and Elite Truong from Vox Media who helped make it happen.

The Verge’s new dynamic header and tagline

The future is arriving faster than ever, and Command Line is your guide. Let’s begin.

To subscribe, just enter your email address in the form below and we’ll deliver Command Line to your electronic mailbox each afternoon, Monday through Friday (excluding public holidays):

By subscribing, you are agreeing to receive a daily newsletter from The Verge that highlights top stories of the day, as well as occasional messages from sponsors and / or partners of The Verge.