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Amazon’s Black Friday deals start now, with Kindle and TV discounts

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They’re going to change daily

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

It’s been a long-running trend that Black Friday starts earlier each year, and now we’ve reached the apex of that: it’s November 1st, Halloween is over, and Amazon is kicking things off with its “Countdown to Black Friday” sales event. Are they technically early Black Friday sales? Are they just some decent deals? Does it even matter anymore since you now have permission to put up your Christmas tree anyway?

It’s honestly a bit hard to tell the difference between the sales page and Amazon’s usual Lightning Deals, so be careful as you click around because it’s easy to drop out of the zone where Amazon is offering deals and back into regular old product pages.

Here are the highlights of the sale so far today — but it looks like Amazon is following its usual habit of limiting supply and switching up the deals and availability daily, so you’ll probably need to check back on the regular.