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Xbox One’s holiday update arrives today with LFG, Clubs, and more

Xbox One’s holiday update arrives today with LFG, Clubs, and more

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Microsoft is starting to roll out its holiday update to Xbox One owners today. The update brings two big new features to Xbox One and Xbox Live: looking for group (LFG) and Clubs. LFG has been used for years as a way to find fellow gamers to play multiplayer titles, and Microsoft is bringing its own take on LFG to the Xbox.

LFG for Xbox will let gamers find people to complete quests, achievements, and other activities by posting on Xbox Live. The result is like a forum post that others can filter to find, and quickly start a party chat and play the game required. It's a useful way to avoid LFG sites and spare your inbox from lots of Xbox Live messages.

Alongside the LFG feature, Microsoft is also rolling out Clubs with the holiday update. Clubs are designed to be created by anyone on Xbox Live, and you can create unique names for these groups just like a gamertag is unique. They're effectively Microsoft's version of clans, and they make creating parties, sharing game clips, and party chat a lot easier for groups of friends or people interested in the same game.

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Microsoft is also rolling out the club functions to the Xbox apps for Windows 10, iOS, and Android today, and all apps and the Xbox One will also support group messaging on Xbox Live. Group messaging lets you send a single message to an entire group of friends or a clan, and everyone can reply using the Xbox apps or an Xbox One console. Microsoft is adding emoji to its Xbox One keyboard to assist with group chat messages, so you can get creative with your replies.

The Xbox One will also include some variations on the achievement feature with this new holiday update. A dramatic new sound will now play for rare Xbox achievements, and gamers will now be able to see just how rare achievements are within each game. The Gamerscore leaderboard is also being tweaked, and it will now reset at the beginning of the month, instead of rolling over a 30-day period.