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Google says there are 2 billion Chrome browsers in use today

Google says there are 2 billion Chrome browsers in use today

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Google announced a new milestone for its Chrome browser today: 2 billion active installs between desktop and mobile since its September 2008 release. The news was made public onstage at the Chrome Dev Summit conference by Chrome Engineering VP Darin Fisher. Of course, this stat differs from active use — just because you installed Chrome doesn’t mean it’s your primary daily browser. That’s especially true of mobile, where a company like Apple makes it easer to use its built-in Safari browser even after you’ve defaulted to mobile Chrome.

Still, 2 billion installs is a first for a Google product. The company announced last year during its I/O developer conference that it has more than 1 billion users of Android, Chrome, YouTube, and search. And last April, Chrome passed the 1 billion active user mark on mobile. That means, between its active install pass and growing mobile presence, Chrome could be the first Google product to hit the 2 billion user mark. Though it is of course contending with Android. As of last September, Google’s mobile operating system was installed on 1.4 billion active smartphones around the world. So for Google, it looks like a never-ending race with itself.

-Source: TechCrunch