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First Click: Are Snapchat Spectacles the next big thing?

First Click: Are Snapchat Spectacles the next big thing?


November 11th, 2016

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First click spectacles

Yesterday the company formerly known as Snapchat started selling its new Spectacles. The $130 sunglasses with a built-in camera will only be available from cartoonish vending machines. The "Snapbots," as they’re called, will mysteriously spring up around the country before moving on to the next location. A website will tell buyers where the Snapbots will be on a day-to-day basis.

On one hand, the treasure hunt smacks of marketing genius. I can see how the supply — extremely limited by geography — will whip fans into a tizzy, causing Redditors to devise methods for predicting the next Snapbot location.

My old brain, however, can’t deal. "Outrageous!" it screams, while shaking a flaccid oblongata. "Nobody is going to spend so much for such ridiculous looking glasses something something NSA!" But I’m the guy that was surprised by Snapchat’s incredible growth; the rise of vaping; and people’s overwhelming desire for comfortable rubber footwear. So what do I know?

Then I thought, "Hey big guy," because that’s how the little man inside me talks, "polls are proven to be an absolutely foolproof way of measuring the will of a populace — why not ask Verge readers."

So, here I am, just a boy standing in front of the internet, asking it for an answer:


Are Snapchat Spectacles the next big thing?

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  • 34%
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  • 66%
    (1497 votes)
2283 votes total