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Amazon's Alexa will now wake you up with a shouting Jeremy Clarkson alarm

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Amazon's big push of The Grand Tour continues this week thanks to Alexa. The company's voice assistant is doing its bit to promote the new series to Top Gear fans with a new alarm on the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot in the UK. If you want to hear Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May wake you up then a new alarm is available within the Alexa app settings. You can enable it by going to Timers & Alarms in the Alexa App, selecting "Manage alarm volume and default sound" and setting "Grand Tour" as your default alarm sound from the new celebrities section.

The alarm acts like any other, but with the bombastic Jeremy Clarkson shouting at you in the cold and dark winter mornings. The new celebrities alarm section could indicate that Amazon may expand its selection of alarms beyond The Grand Tour, and perhaps we'll see Alexa feature some of the custom voices we became accustomed to with TomTom.

Amazon's new show The Grand Tour will premiere on November 18th on Amazon Prime. Amazon released a trailer recently to promote the show, and 12 episodes will stream weekly on Amazon Prime. Amazon has agreed a 36-episode deal over three years with the trio, who left the BBC version of Top Gear last year after Jeremy Clarkson was suspended for punching a producer.