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Joe Biden is the slapstick prankster of the impending Trump presidency

Joe Biden is the slapstick prankster of the impending Trump presidency

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President Obama Makes At Statement At White House After Presidential Election
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The transition of power between president Barack Obama and president-elect Donald Trump has appeared to be amicable, if not slightly awkward. For many of the people Trump will soon lead, acceptance has been rockier. Those seeking to balance those facts are turning to a familiar fountain of joy: Vice President Joe Biden.

Obama’s political grace guarantees that his final days in office will be full of restraint and olive branches, but it’s Biden who is providing Trump skeptics some small relief. Obama delivered his post-election speech with Biden at his side. While the president urged the nation to stay hopeful and united, Biden provided much needed comic relief; the two walked away with their arms around each other’s shoulders.

Biden’s fans have moved beyond these small, sweet moments. Post-election, Twitter users are crafting their own fiction of the vice president scheming to make life a little harder for Trump.

The meme quickly spread, with Biden acting as a delightful saboteur, and Obama typically as his reluctant (and restrained) accomplice.

Part of what makes this goof so appealing is the nugget of truth at its center. Over the last eight years, Obama and Biden have established what seems to be a real friendship that transcends obligation or work. When Biden’s son Beau became ill, Obama offered financial support; when Beau passed, Obama was there to eulogize him.

In periods of uncertainty, unrest, and fear, the bonds that we have with each other are essential. Obama and Biden demonstrate the best of this; they share a connection that will likely outlast their political influence. There’s something indescribably hopeful in this relationship that we can hold on to — a dream of the United States’ two most powerful people making friendship bracelets for each other like giggling teens at summer camp.