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Amazon’s Home Services marketplace expands to 20 more cities

Including Las Vegas, San Antonio, and Indianapolis

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Amazon is continuing to expand beyond playing the role of the online store that sells every physical good you can think of. Over a year after launching Home Services in the US — a marketplace where its users can purchase everything from home cleaning to lawn mowing — the e-commerce giant is expanding its availability to 20 new US metro areas, the company announced in a statement.

Since the service launched in March 2015, it has widened its reach to include 50 metro areas in the US. Recent additions include Indianapolis, San Antonio, Ann Arbor, Las Vegas, and Cleveland. The number of services available has also increased from 700 to over 1,200.

The announcement took place not long after Amazon announced job openings for “Amazon Assistants,” which was picked up by The Seattle Times a week ago. Potential recruits were to be “experts in helping Amazon customers keep up their home,” which includes providing assistance to its customers with “tidying up around the home, laundry, and helping put groceries and essentials like toilet paper and paper towels away,” according to The Seattle Times.

Amazon Home Services is one of the many initiatives that the company has introduced to improve its in-home shopping and services. Other initiatives that the company has introduced include Dash Buttons and Dash Replenishment Services, which automatically orders detergent or soap for you when it is in need of replacement.