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BP’s novelty gas pumps will tell you jokes and play your favorite music

BP’s novelty gas pumps will tell you jokes and play your favorite music

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BP is testing out a gas station “personality pump” called Miles that will talk with customers as they fill their tanks.

The effort is clearly aimed at a social media-savvy crowd; users can record video e-cards to share online, play music trivia, or choose tracks to listen to on Pandora. It’s unclear how long the pumping process will take, though we’d hope filling an average-sized tank wouldn’t last as long as an entire song.

After a customer has wrapped up, they can opt to text themselves a message with a “special return offer,” their chosen Pandora station, and anything they’ve created while there. The pump was created in partnership with Pandora and The Onion, who helped craft its personality.

The idea sounds more like a novelty gag than a realistic future for gas stations, which could explain why these personality pumps are currently only available as a “pilot program.” If customers dig it, BP could expand the pump program. No word on how that would affect the average wait time or the corresponding level of customer frustration. The pumps open today and will be available until February 14th, 2017 at the following locations:


  • 750 N. Wells Street, Chicago, IL, 60610 
  • 901 N. Washington Street, Naperville, IL 60563 

New York City Metro Area

  • 164 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11217
  • 802 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11220