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Marvel’s Inhumans is becoming a TV show that’ll debut in IMAX theaters

Marvel’s Inhumans is becoming a TV show that’ll debut in IMAX theaters


Coming to ABC next year

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Marvel’s Inhuman characters are officially moving to TV. Instead of the originally planned movie, Marvel announced yesterday that the company has greenlit an Inhumans TV show that will debut in theaters for a limited two-week run through a new partnership with IMAX. The agreement also includes IMAX helping to finance the development of the pilot and series, a first for the company. 

The newly minted Inhumans series is scheduled to air on ABC in 2017, and will focus on the core characters from the Inhumans comic books: the Attilan Royal Family, a group that includes characters like Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak, and Lockjaw.

Marvel announced an Inhumans movie back in October 2014, as a smaller footnote to unveiling of bigger films like Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther, and Avengers: Infinity War. Originally scheduled for a November 2018 release date, the movie was later bumped to 2019, and then removed from Marvel’s upcoming schedule entirely earlier this year. At the time, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige had commented to Collider that despite the company taking Inhumans off the schedule, it was still “a question of when.

An ABC show makes sense for the Inhumans in many ways

An ABC show makes sense for the Inhumans in many ways. Marvel has already featured Inhuman characters in its overarching live-action universe on the similarly ABC-bound Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD show, but with Inhumans movie plans still in the works at that point, the Agents of SHIELD had mostly been limited to utilizing lesser-known or entirely new characters. The new Inhuman TV series could easily tie into the already established mythos from Agents of SHIELD, introduce the more well-known Inhuman comic characters, and allow room for even more of Marvel’s now-signature crossovers and team-ups in the future between the two shows.

And while all of Marvel’s TV shows and movies still technically take place in the same universe, it’s unclear if the Inhumans could one day make the jump from TV show to movie to hang out with the Avengers, or even met up with characters from SHIELD or Marvel’s Netflix shows, given the often disconnected nature of Marvel’s cinematic universe across different mediums.

Marvel’s The Inhumans will air on ABC in September 2017. No production staff has been announced yet, but with the show premiering next year, it’s likely there will be more on that front soon.