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Apple’s peach emoji is back to looking like a butt

A shape we all know and love

The nerfed peach butt emoji included as part of Apple’s iOS 10.2 update is gone. As spotted today by The Next Web, the third 10.2 developer beta returns the fruit to its curvaceous glory.

The peach emoji is, of course, a go-to for anyone who sexts or just loves sending suggestive fruit. Fans were outraged to learn that the 10.2 update would round out the peach, effectively robbing it of its charm. You can spot the original, blessedly short change by keeping an eye on the peach emoji in the bottom left corner here:

This latest iteration adds a little more fuzz in the name of realism than I’m comfortable with, but the overall character of the emoji has been restored. The nightmare is finally over. Long live the booty fruit.