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You'll have only minutes each day to order the NES Classic from Walmart this week

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A limited quantity for sale starting at 5PM ET

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It may be nigh impossible to purchase Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition console right this very second, with stock shortages and sell outs at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and many other retailers. But have hope. Once a day, for a few minutes before they’re all scooped up, Walmart is selling the NES Classic on its website starting at 5PM ET. The company says it will do so until November 18th.

Today marked the first day of the flash sale, and Walmart’s stock was depleted in just minutes. So that means come tomorrow, have your fingers ready to refresh this product page until it gives you the option to add the NES Classic to your shopping cart. If you’re lucky, the mini-console and its 30 pre-loaded Nintendo games will be yours for a mere $60.

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