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Switched to Linux......Now What?


So I have finally done it. I've made the complete switch to Linux, specifically Ubuntu. I have been a Windows user for years and while I still use Windows for work I just wanted to try something different. So I installed it on my Samsung Series 7 Laptop (2012) and....honestly I am kind of linking this new experience.

Whats the funny part I found very interesting is that the features of my laptop, like specific function buttons worked natively without any additional drivers right after install. Windows 10 was this complicated effort of getting the right versions and installing them in the right order just to get them to work.

The other thing was boot speed. This thing boots in like 10 seconds. Yes, I do have an SSD in here but it is still fast as hell. Especially since my Windows 10 build had this weird issue which cause it to take upwards of 1:30 to boot.

So now I am wondering what do do now. Is there any must have features or software that you guys can't live without? I am curious to see what type of things I can due in Linux that make my life easier.