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Watch Lost Boy, a gorgeous and gritty cyberpunk short film

Watch Lost Boy, a gorgeous and gritty cyberpunk short film

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If you’re a fan of artist and designer Ash Thorp, there’s a good chance you’ve heard him talk about “Lost Boy,” a personal project that looked to blend together elements of Akira and Mad Max into some kind of new sci-fi universe. Well, now that personal project is something much bigger — a dreamy, violent, and largely silent nine-minute short

Lost Boy was written and directed by Thorp and Anthony Scott Burns (who also creates thumping electronic music under the pseudonym Pilot Priest), and produced by PostPanic Pictures, the same group behind the gorgeous sci-fi short Sundays. Like that film, Lost Boy is primarily about setting a mood, as opposed to telling an explicit story. There’s no dialogue, but you get a sense of the world by watching two characters explore a bleak, desolate landscape. It appears to be just a taste of a larger universe, as Lost Boy is described as a “concept short” that, presumably, could potentially be a feature film.

Outside of Lost Boy, Thorp is best known for his design and art direction work, which has helped shape the look of some of the biggest movies and video games around, including Iron Man, Prometheus, X-Men, and Call of Duty. Most recently, he worked on the just-released Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. If you want to dig more into Thorp and his work, you should also check out the excellent podcast, The Collective.