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Amazon announces even more Black Friday sales extending through December 22nd

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Amazon Echo white hands-on photos

Amazon isn’t just starting Black Friday early this year, it’s extending it far beyond Thanksgiving weekend until December 22nd. The company claims that you’ll be able to “find new deals as often as every five minutes” on Amazon’s website for the next 35 days until the holidays.

To that end, Amazon has released some of the deals and discounts it intends to offer during this apparently endless cycle of commercial consumption. All the sales will be offered at some point between now and December 22nd, with many of the deals coming in what Amazon is calling the “Turkey 5” — the five days from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday — although no exact scheduling or timing has been announced yet.

Most of the announced deals so far are primarily focused on Amazon hardware products, with a couple other sales also having been announced. But if you want to make sure you’re catching the best deals when they happen, you’ll want to check Amazon’s Black Friday hub page frequently. That said, here’s the best from Amazon so far: