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Barnes & Noble is releasing a $50 Nook Tablet on Black Friday

Barnes & Noble is releasing a $50 Nook Tablet on Black Friday

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Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble has announced that it would be releasing a new Nook tablet on November 25th and it will cost $49.99.The tablet, unimaginatively named Nook Tablet 7" is a simple Android tablet that has been customized with Nook software.

It features both front- and rear-facing cameras and has 8GB of space, but will allow users to add up to 128GB of storage with a microSD card. It’s supposed to get seven hours of battery life.

The bookstore chain has had some trouble with their e-readers over the years, and began co-branding existing tablets with its Nook brand. Last month, there were rumors that the company would once again release its own tablet.

Fred Argir, the chief digital officer for Barnes & Noble, confirmed that the new 7-inch Nook would have access to Google’s App store. That’s good news for Nook fans, especially because the company discontinued its Nook App store back in March. This new tablet comes preloaded with the company’s audiobook and magazine storefronts, and allows readers a range of options to read excerpts or free, serialized works.

While the specs don’t quite match up, this new Nook tablet is priced to compete directly with Amazon’s 7-inch Fire tablet. It also comes just a couple of months after the company launched another 7-inch co-branded Samsung Galaxy Tab A, which retailed for $139.