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Google’s new Spotlight Story, Rain or Shine, is an adorable summer short

Google’s new Spotlight Story, Rain or Shine, is an adorable summer short

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Google has been releasing its beautifully immersive Spotlight Stories since 2013, with each showcasing the talents of acclaimed directors. The company’s latest, released today, is no different. Rain or Shine is the company’s latest 360-degree short, and it promises to pull Android users into a cute little story about a young girl and her seemingly cursed pair of sunglasses.

Rain or Shine, directed by animator Felix Massie, mostly follows a little girl named Ella who gets a pair of sunglasses. She’s ready to show them off on her little London street, but every time she puts them on, it starts to rain. It’s an adorable, if silly, premise that kids will likely get a kick out of.

Rain or Shine is simple but effective

Much like 2013’s Windy Day, Rain or Shine is simple but effective, dragging you into Ella’s world quickly as you follow the story in 360 degrees. It’s interesting that this effort appears less ambitious compared to some of Google’s previous projects. Started by the company’s ATAP group, previous stories have involved such talents as Disney animator Glen Keane and Fast & Furious director Justin Lin. This year’s Pearl even debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival. Still, when the story is a sweet as this, who can complain? Tugging on the heartstrings is more than enough.