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Bizarre Google ad uses NBA stars to settle condiment argument

Google Duo, Google’s app for quick and easy video chatting, may not have the userbase as, say, FaceTime, but at least it has two of the Los Angeles Clippers’ biggest stars using it. In this ad spotted by Adweek, Griffin (who averages 20 points per game when he’s not appearing on Broad City) is having lunch when he’s spotted by a dejected Jordan (who you might know from one of the greatest reaction GIFs of all time). Awkwardness ensues! DeAndre and Blake are bros, so they let their condiments do the talking to patch things up — presumably thanks to the friendship-powered wizardry only they and Google can hope to understand.

This ad, weird as it is, is only the latest showing Duo off through the use of adorable inanimate objects. Older spots include two socks separated in the wash trying to reunite and a pepper shaker patiently waiting for the return of his beloved salt shaker. You may not use Duo, I certainly don’t, but you can’t deny the cuteness.

Also, ketchup and mustard were not made to be used that way. Gross.