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Want to become politically active? Love to swear? This site can help!

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If you’re finding yourself with idle hands and a heavy heart today, Clara Beyer’s new website “HOLY FUCK THE ELECTION” may be of some help.

You have two choices when you arrive at The first is to say that you’re not okay and you “need a fucking minute.” This option will pull up a menu suggesting that you make some art, look at some dogs, or write your feelings down. Also, it will drop the F-bomb a bunch of times. All good ideas, particularly the cursing!

If you don’t need a minute and you’re “ready to fuck shit up,” you’ll be taken to a menu that asks you what political issue is most urgent to you in the moment. Some of your options include “racist motherfuckers” and “the fucking earth is going to literally be on fucking fire.” Pick one to get started! On the next page you’ll be asked if it’s money or time you want to give, and from there you’ll be directed to various organizations looking for money or time.

There are so many great nonprofits and civil rights advocates and non-horrifying political organizations out there that it can often be overwhelming and feel like you are giving out your time and money at total random, but this easy-to-use tool makes it much less stressful.