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Watch a massive blob of fire retardant cover the streets of Santa Clara

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Not since the infamous llama chase of 2015 has a live stream been as gleefully enthralling as the Santa Clara blob.

The Bay Area’s KTVU Fox 2 news station was quick to hop on the mysterious foam beat, and is currently streaming with a video title that suggests, “We don’t know what it is or even if it is possibly toxic / lethal if breathed in, but let’s watch as it grows!” That’s the magic of Facebook Live!

Some chill guy rode his bike through the foam. His name is Blake, because this is California and of course it is. “It feels just like soap,” he told the newscasters. I’m sure it did, you beautiful, carefree fool.

Blake told KTVU that officials told him the foam is fire retardant, and totally safe. It was as Blake emphasized the blob’s safety that other officials leapt into action, taping a barrier between the humans and the foam.