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Chevy’s Bolt EV to have limited availability in 2016, with wider rollout next spring

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Chevy Bolt drive gallery

General Motors had long been planning to release its all-electric Chevy Bolt before the end of 2016 — and it will, but only in California and Oregon. Wider availability — basically the rest of the country — will need to wait until 2017 says The Wall Street Journal.

The paper spoke to GM spokeswoman Michelle Malcho, who said the company is "focusing on this year getting the cars ready for customers," and will be delivering vehicles to other states at a slower pace. Despite high interest in the vehicle, the Bolt will only be available in "limited quantities" throughout 2017.

The $30,000 electric vehicle has an EPA-estimated range of 238 miles on a full charge, is significantly cheaper than the only other 200-plus-mile electric vehicles on the market, and arrives on the market a year before Tesla’s Model 3.