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I feel like I would actually buy’s fancy Bluetooth earbuds if I had some money

I feel like I would actually buy’s fancy Bluetooth earbuds if I had some money

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kendall jenner earbuds

I know is the laughing stock of the gadget world, and I get it — he’s had some bad ideas.

He’s also a celebrity, one who is not super popular anymore because he was famous for making incredibly cheesy and dishonestly optimistic Bush-era pop music that doesn’t really fly these days. So, I get it: it’s fun and funny to assume that every gadget he makes is terrible, particularly when that has been the case 100 percent of the time in the past.

All I’m asking is that you set these things aside for a minute and look at his new Bluetooth earbuds, which look nice to me. I mean, sure they sort of look like massive ear gauges and anytime someone mentions being inspired by “the iconic shape of vinyl records” you should generally start prepping your eye roll (especially if it’s the second time they’ve done so this year), but they also look nice.

The “BUTTONS” earbuds come in black, gray, rose, or gold, and you can choose different colors for the bud and the cord if you want. They have six hours of battery life, which seems fine.

Kendall Jenner, the coolest and most boring of the Kardashian clan, looks hot and interesting in them. I like the color options, all of which are good and also on-trend.

I like that the wire connecting the two buds is coated in braided cord, which makes it look more like something a person would incorporate into an outfit and less like something you would pull out of a pile of rubbery miscellany in a cable junk drawer. I like their basic solution for the age of Bluetooth music listening — tying the buds together with a short cord so they don’t get lost and so that you can still split a pair in a sweet way with your crush. These earbuds even stick together with magnets!

I like that BUTTONS is stylized in all caps because if I were rich and had BUTTONS I would do a running joke where I always yelled “BUTTONS!!!!!!!” anytime I talked about my BUTTONS.

They are $230, which is a lot. But if I had a lot of excess money lying around I would probably buy them. I think they look good on people, and in particular Kendall Jenner, whom I respect. Also: every pair of BUTTONS comes with a “Limited Edition” magazine edited by, which just seems like it would be a funny thing to use if you go to any White Elephant gift exchange parties this holiday season.

You can buy them through Apple, Equinox gyms (lol), and a bunch of department stores starting today.