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Dell just teased its own Surface Studio PC

Dell just teased its own Surface Studio PC

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Microsoft announced its Surface Studio all-in-one PC last week, with a plan to appeal to creatives. At Adobe's Max conference in San Diego today, Dell aired a teaser video for its upcoming all-in-one PC that looks like its own take on Microsoft's Surface Studio. Spotted by SurfaceProArt on Twitter, the teaser doesn't mention specs or pricing, but it looks like a PC with two screens and additional input through its own Surface Dial-like hardware. In a subsequent tweet, Dell confirmed that the machine will be unveiled at CES 2017. Apparently it's been in development since 2014.

Microsoft unveiled the Dial as an additional input tool for creatives, and Windows chief Terry Myerson told The Verge last week that Microsoft was open to letting partners use its own technology to bring similar devices to the market. It looks like that's about to happen with Dell's all-in-one. Dell's machine appears to include stylus support, with input primarily driven from a touchscreen that lays on a desk where a mouse or keyboard would traditionally sit.

Dell ends its 90-second teaser with a mention that this unannounced device will be unveiled soon, and "welcome to your new workspace." That sounds a lot like Microsoft's pitch: turn your desk into a studio.

Dell Surface Studio PC teaser