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Watch Drake work out to Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood in new Apple Music ad

Taylor Swift and Drake might never actually be musical collaborators, but they’ve at least figured out how to be Apple fanboy collaborators. The newest Apple Music ad features both of them — Drake in the flesh, and Swift in musical form, her songs played via Apple’s subscription service.

The ad starts with Drake pumping iron with his buddy in a sweaty gym. He promises “no mercy” with his bicep presses, but needs some inspiration to dig deep for his next reps. Cue Swift’s “Bad Blood,” which Drake puts on and starts miming, dancing, and working out along with. The message seems to be that Apple Music is great for gym-goers, but Swift’s song is so catchy that Drake messes up the last rep and drops a barbell on his ribs. The service is “distractingly good,” the ad says, leaving Drake’s eventual fate unknown as he slides off the gym bench in pain.

Despite some initial resistance to the service, Swift has already appeared in several commercials for Apple Music, while Drake has broken records with his Apple Music exclusives, so it’s no big surprise that they’ve both ended up here.

Now if only Apple could get them to write a jingle.