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Snapchat's Spectacles have arrived in New York City

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Next door to the Apple Store on the corner of Fifth Avenue and open until New Year’s Eve

If you live in New York City and were waiting to get your hands on Snapchat's Spectacles, here’s your chance. The company has been putting the wearable camera on sale at pop-up vending machines around the country, starting out on the West Coast. Today, they finally made their way east, with a Snapchat store opening at 5 East 59th Street near the corner of 5th Ave, right next to the Apple Store. Judging by the facade outside, it shouldn’t be too hard to miss:

Pictures from inside the store show a single Snapbot — the Minion-like vending machines that Snap Inc. has made for buying Spectacles — and a long, snaking line. Each pair of glasses costs $129.95 and are limited to two per customer. The store is open through New Year's Eve, but closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

If you're not familiar with Spectacles, think Google Glass, but without all the fuss of putting a computer on your head. They just connect to your phone (and to Snapchat) and record snippets of video in a circular format. In our hands-on we found that they were well-made and just fun to use. Plus, with Snapchat's vending machine format, the company has managed to create a buzz around the product — people seem to genuinely want them! Or want to buy them to sell them on for a healthy mark-up. We'll see you in the queue I guess?